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USSSA international World Series 2020 trading pin

The Versatility of Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge coins can be used in many different ways such as military coins – Army, Air Force, Naval, Marines, Police and more. Don’t leave home without yours. Geocaching – It’s so popular these days. Coins are rare and a worthy find. Gift Coins and Event Coins – Wonderful to commemorate special events or a job well done.

How The Military Uses Coins Today

Today, the American Military continues the legacy of Challenge Coins’ origin. Commanding officers utilize these coins to recognize acts of bravery, excellence, and accomplishment. Receiving such a coin is a tremendous honor. The tradition also extends to social settings, where officers may challenge each other by placing their coins on the table. Fellow officers are then expected to produce their coins; otherwise, the one without a coin covers the next round of drinks. This tradition has transcended the military realm and is now adopted in various walks of life, symbolizing allegiance and camaraderie.

The Origins of Challenge Coins

Amidst the tribulations of war, a squadron leader during World War II sought to uplift the spirits of his unit. He unknowingly initiated a transformative military tradition by commissioning custom-made coins bearing the unit’s emblem. The anecdote recounts how one pilot’s life was spared due to the coin gifted by his commanding officer. Captured by German forces, the pilot’s survival hinged on a French commander’s recognition of the coin’s symbol, ultimately averting his execution.

USSSA international World Series 2020
USSSA international World Series semi finalist

Crafting Custom Challenge Coins with Precision

At Custom Pins Central, the meticulous craft of forging challenge coins is an art form. These coins are meticulously die-cut with deep etching, ensuring their striking appearance even from a distance. With a range of metal options available, the coins can also be enhanced with exquisite epoxy paints, which are fired to create a durable, enduring finish. Carrying these symbolic pieces of tradition and history becomes a point of pride for team members, a representation of unity that lasts a lifetime.

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