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Experience the Timeless Elegance of Custom Die Struck Pins

Elegance That Stands the Test of Time

For commemorating hard work or celebrating team spirit, nothing rivals the understated yet impactful charm of die struck pins. Our seasoned artisans, with over two decades of expertise, masterfully employ this special pin technique, ensuring your custom design meets perfection and becomes the object of envy among teams and colleagues.

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Custom Die Struck Pins for Every Occasion

Explore a variety of metals, cuts, and finishes to bring your envisioned design to life. Beyond pins, our die struck process extends its sophistication to crafting custom keychains, tie-tacks, and coins, all bearing the same exquisite look.

Die Struck Lapel Pin Sizes & Prices
SIZE – QTY 100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
0.80″ $2.79 $2.10 $1.48 $1.18 $1.08 $0.90 $0.84 $0.79 $0.69
1″ $2.88 $2.15 $1.51 $1.24 $1.13 $0.95 $0.87 $0.81 $0.73
1.25″ $2.91 $2.18 $1.53 $1.29 $1.18 $0.95 $0.89 $0.83 $0.74
1.5″ $2.98 $2.31 $1.68 $1.30 $1.19 $1.02 $0.94 $0.85 $0.80
1.75″ $3.10 $2.60 $2.00 $1.59 $1.48 $1.29 $1.14 $1.06 $0.97
2″ $3.41 $2.89 $2.38 $1.88 $1.76 $1.67 $1.58 $1.46 $1.37
The Art of Crafting Die Struck Pins

Initially utilized in crafting high-quality jewelry, die striking involves the creation of remarkably dense metal pieces through immense pressure. This density directly contributes to their exceptional durability. Following the initial die-striking process, you can enhance your pin with sandblasting for contrast or enamel color fillings for an eye-catching appeal.

Unparalleled Durability

Die struck pins boast remarkable durability owing to their solid metal construction.

Lapel pins
Why these pins?
  • High Visibility: Perfect for those seeking pins with a noticeable metallic finish.

  • Value through Craftsmanship: Ideal for individuals who appreciate pins with a substantial metallic feel, thickness, and weight.

  • Classic Elegance: Well-suited for those desiring a pin with a timeless aesthetic, complete with options for antique and minimal color finishes.

  • Customizable Shapes: Great choice for those interested in pins that can be tailored to unique and personalized shapes.

  • Diverse Applications: Particularly beneficial for recognizing achievements, honoring years of service, presenting awards, celebrating student accomplishments, boosting sports teams, acknowledging participation, and adding prestige to sorority affiliations.

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Orders placed during this period Custom Pins Central can not guarantee delivery dates due to delays in shipping out of our control. Please contact us to ensure that we can meet you in hands date you desire before placing your order.

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